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Live, work, or study in LA County? Get the meditation app Headspace for free

I regularly recommend meditation apps to my patients. Meditation apps can be helpful for folks suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other mental health issues.

A common issue that I've heard about meditation is "I don't know what I am doing," or "I am not getting anything out of this." True, to both. That's why I endorse meditation apps like Headspace. They provide guided meditations to help you focus and be mindful of the present moment. Also, practicing meditation once or twice every couple of weeks will give results reflective of the effort you've put forth. There can be a profound difference of efficacy if one incorporates meditation as part of a regular or daily practice. I recommend starting your day with a brief 10-minute meditation to set the foundation of your mind for the day.

I also use meditation apps to help lull me to sleep. For sleep stories, I really enjoy the Calm app. There are several options for narrators, story genres, or music to help getting to sleep. There are also children's sleep stories for the little ones - I play the stories for my little ones, and they are fast asleep within the 30-45 minute story playtime (I connect my phone to a bluetooth speaker and leave it playing in their bedroom).

If you're compelled to explore the Sleep Stories I mentioned, check out the Calm app.

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