I offer a free 15-minute video or telephone consultation. Treatments are available a la carte or in packages.  Fees are collected prior to start of treatment.

I do not accept any type of insurance, but I can provide a Superbill upon request. Using insurance has risks and benefits. While it may lower costs, it typically requires me to make a clinical diagnosis. A diagnosis becomes part of your medical record and could have current and future implications.


In-Office and Telehealth therapy fees

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy​ ​

  • Individual Intake Session, 75 minutes - $250

  • Couples or Family Intake Session, 90  minutes - $350

  • Single Sessions - Individual, Couples, or Family Sessions, 50 minutes - $180

  • Package of 6 sessions, 50 minutes per session - $1,020 save $60 from standard fees, comes out to $170 per session

  • Package of 12 sessions, 50 minutes per session - $1,980 save $180 from standard fees, comes out to $165 per session

All fees must be collected 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Packaged session fees must be collected in full, 24 hours prior to the 1st packaged session appointment.

All fees and pricing structures are subject to change at any time.  

A courtesy of two-weeks notice of price change will be offered to existing patients.