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If You Had a Troublesome Childhood, You'll Want this Book

I was referred to this book by a friend of mine, and I was absolutely blown away after I read the first few pages. If you're like many of the folks with whom I work, you'll probably relate to the book title without even diving into the content:

"Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents"

I am mentioning this book so often in my practice, that I am typing my notes with the acronym ACOEIP... the title of the book doesn't really roll of the tongue with ease.

Whether your childhood was glaringly problematic because of the caregivers around you, or if you have an inkling that your reserved upbringing and rigid structure may not have been as beneficial as your parents portrayed, you must read this book.

You'll gain insight and self-awareness into the mechanisms that drive your behavior today as an adult. You'll understand many of the "Why's" of your upbringing and of your parents' perspective. The book will validate the pain, suffering, and emptiness that you've experienced and hopefully give you new angles to view life differently.

Get it today, but read it mindfully. It's a dense read that will give you a lot to think about.

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