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Do One Thing Today

This artist paints a realistic snapshot of a moment in depression.

Based on my own analysis, depressive symptoms evident in this art include: Depressed mood, decrease in motivation, self-deprecating thoughts, excessive sleep, lethargy, decreased energy, social isolation, poor tending to activities of daily living (dressing self).

It's also not uncommon for folks to be so depressed that they don't see color, hence the predominantly grey color story in the first three panels. Other symptoms of depression not portrayed here include suicidal thoughts, poor or increased appetite, poor or excessive sleep, difficulty making decisions, difficulty concentrating, lower tolerance to irritability, and unintentional weight loss or weight gain.

On the bright side of this art, there are some optimistic elements to highlight:

Communicating and confiding in a friend, asking/receiving help, relying on others for help, being open to other perspectives/optimism, knowing oneself's full potential, willing to try something new, positive affirmations, reframing, and a strength-based approach.


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