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Get Up and Move

Physical exercise plays a pivotal role in your mental health. Exercising produces the chemicals in your brain that regulates your mood and helps alleviates both physical and psychological pain. How sedentary are you now, versus before COVID?

I noticed a marked difference in my physical activity before and after COVID. Prior to the pandemic, I worked in Westwood, and would often take walking breaks around the Village. Since leaving my last position and now working independently, I make mindful efforts to get up and go for daily exercise. Thank you, Apple Watch, for monitoring and tracking my activity.

I've attached an uncredited image I came across on social media. This handy image can help when you're doing a mood check and wondering how to proceed. This can be helpful for folks that are coping with depression, self-esteem issues, loneliness and isolation, and general well-being and self-care.

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