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My Office is Ready for You After COVID

When I had visions of starting my private practice, I had a few things in mind when it came to my physical office space. I wanted it to evoke openness, support, and renewal. I visualized the space as interesting, while maintaining a muted neutrality of calm.

I was inspired by a color story of cool blues, a deep plum, two-toned neutral linen, and gradients of grays and black. I wanted a diversity of textures that could be visually represented, like the textures of different paints on artwork, or the cool smoothness of white marble. Seating gives your senses access to soft linen, grey poly fabric, handcrafted grey oak and smooth leather, along with plush pillows and throws made from 555-gram premium cashmere.

My desk, a "Partner's Desk", is inspired by 19th-century French neoclassical design. I purposely sought after a desk that did not have any "back support" (a panel attached to the back of a desk, where your feet would go). I opted for this open styled desk since it could be used from both sides of the table and reinforce my theme of openness.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have only been accepting clients working through Telehealth. But, with vaccines starting to be distributed, I will soon be welcoming folks into the office for in-person therapy sessions. As a health care worker, I will be getting vaccinated as soon as possible. I will also require patients to present proof of full vaccinations if they desire in-person therapy at my office in Fullerton or in "Walk-and-Talk" sessions.

Rest assured, once COVID vaccinations are widespread, my office is ready for your visit.

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