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"When should I start therapy?" *Service prices reduced*

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I like to give folks the analogy of a leaky roof when talking about when a person should start therapy.

Imagine you have a home with a roof, and the roof starts to leak. How long will you wait until you get that roof repaired? "Oh it will be fine, it's just a leak, I'll leave a bucket to collect water."

Well, now it's been a couple weeks and the leaky roof has lead to a deteriorating roof. More water seeps through, and mold begins to grow around the leaky ceiling. How long will you wait until you get that roof repaired?

And now, much more time has gone by. The leaky, moldy roof has succumbed to the deterioration, and now you have a gaping hole in the roof. How long will you wait until you get that roof repaired?

I imagine most folks will not wait until a hole appears in their ceiling to tend to a damaged roof. For that matter, why would one wait for a mental injury to become worse and worse before seeking therapy? Studies have shown that tending to problems and trauma early after injury helps reduce the ultimate impact of these problems. In other words, don't wait to seek help.

It's been a rough and unprecedented year. We've made countless adjustments to survive our modern world. We've had to learn new ways to connect with each other. We may have grieved the loss of the lives we once had before the pandemic. Or one can be simply numbed to all of these stressors, only to have whatever has been suppressed appear in ways they could not imagine.

I came into this field of work because I want to help people. My past professions have been in the helping and service fields, but clinical social work by far has lead me to the greatest satisfaction I could ever find in a job.

I started my private practice just a couple of months ago. I want to be transparent and say that I am both exited and disappointed about this current venture. I am eager to assist clients, I am eager to hear you out, I am eager to help heal the community. What disappoints me is that I have so much I would like to give, but few people for whom to give.

For this reason, I am slashing my therapy prices. While this private practice is obviously a means for financial income, I am much more concerned with connecting to new patients than drive home an inflated profit for services.

So, service prices have dropped temporarily. I am very much looking forward to meeting you soon!


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