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Read: Why People Are Acting So Weird

I came across this article from the Atlantic that I found interesting and relevant to my practice.

My patients talk about their problems, most of which are fairly manageable with the right tools and guidance, and some can be more complicated that need longer term structure and planning. For the folks with "lighter" problems, there still seems to be an air of stress and weariness, despite managing things "okay".

"Normally I'd be fine dealing with these things, but I don't know why it weighs so much more right now."

This article parallels the comments I offer to my patients. I'd say, "Yes, you're dealing with your problems pretty well and it still seems overly stressful, too. On a micro level, you've got problems x, y, and z. On a macro, wider, or global level, there are a lot of circumstances that are impacting us at a subconscious level. We have been in a pandemic for over TWO years. You've been isolated for nearly this entire time. There's pandemic fatigue, there's a war going on in Ukraine. There are local issues of homelessness, inflation, supply chain issues. And there's ongoing political battles and reversals of long-standing policies that are disrupting the status quo."

Bottom line, there's a lot going on outside of the problems that you're experiencing. These external circumstances, which may or may not impact your directly, DO impact you directly in that impacts your social environment and the content you consume.

So, why are people acting so weird? Stress, poor self-awareness, poor coping strategies, scarce outlets to process and ventilate without the threat of being judged.


Photo credit: Getty/The Atlantic

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